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Quite possibly the highest quality tap created...ever.


Typically a tap only comes with 3 screws.  Or even worse, just 1 screw.  This can become a problem for tap dancers who spend numerous hours perfecting and/or performing their craft.  The lack of attachment support will eventually loosen the screw and strip the holes of the tap shoes.  Additionally, the sound quality is sacrificed and the risk of a tap completely coming detached is much higher.

Redesigning the tap so that it has 5 screws gives additional security and practically eliminates loose screws.  The chances of having a tap come loose or fall off are unheard of.  Additionally, we've 
deepened and widened the screw holes to insure the head of the screw is "sunk" or "flush" and not scratching a nice wood floor.  The 5-screw design also creates a clear, consistent sounding tap that brings music to the ears.


Mass production has decided that quantity is better than quality.  We disagree.  The average tap is produced using a method of pouring liquid metal into molds.  During this process, the metal is broken down and the durability is sacrificed.  After multiple hours of use, the taps will eventually wear thin, create metallic particle dust, disintegrate or possibly even crack.  Depending upon which factory around the globe has made the taps (China, India, Brazil, Mexico...etc), all of this effects the quality of the tap and the sound created.

ProTones are manufactured ONLY IN THE USA using a solid block of high grade aluminum.  They will hold their durability for countless years.  Using computer guided software, they are machined into a rough blank and then each tap is HAND CONTOURED into it's final shape.  The taps are designed to be thicker than average taps.  The HD sound created is a direct result of the quality, consistency and precision used in our production methods and materials.


Creating the highest quality tap wasn't enough.  In order to complete the re-design, we needed to make sure that this tap LOOKED just as good as it sounds.  ProTones are the FIRST AND ONLY taps to be hard anodized with a matte black finish.  Pictures can not do these taps justice.  They are truly a designer tap that gains appreciation in person.

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