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Leirux: Comfort

🕯️ Comfort Candle: A Cozy Embrace 🕯️

When life feels like a storm, Comfort is your shelter. Picture this: you’re wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping on a cup of cocoa, and the gentle crackle of a wood fire fills the room. That’s the essence of our Comfort Candle. 🌟


🌿 Product Details:

  • Size: 8.5oz (240g) of pure soy wax goodness.
  • Wick: A crackling wood wick that whispers secrets of tranquility.
  • Hand-Poured: Each candle is crafted with care, ensuring a touch of love in every flicker.


🌸 Fragrance Profile:

  • Top Notes: 🍊 Fruity Citrus and 🌿 Bergamot: Like a burst of sunshine after a rain shower.
  • Middle Notes: 🌼 Sweet Amber and 🌲 Woody Cashmere: A warm hug from your favorite sweater.
  • Base Notes: 🌟 Vanilla: The sweet promise of comfort and calm.


🌟 Comfort whispers, “It’s okay, my friend. You just need a hug. And some vanilla.” Light it up during quiet evenings, lazy Sundays, or whenever life feels a bit heavy. The Cashmere and Vanilla dance together, creating an ambiance that wraps around you like a cozy scarf. Let the wood wick crackle—it’s the sound of reassurance. 🤗✨


🔥 Transform your space with the Comfort Candle. It’s not just a fragrance; it’s a gentle embrace. Whether you’re reading a book, meditating, or simply seeking solace, let this candle be your companion. 🌟🕯️

Leirux: Comfort

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