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Leirux: Energize

🕯️ Energize Candle: Light Up Your Day! 🕯️

Get ready to ignite your senses with our Energize Candle! Crafted with care, this 8.5oz glass tumbler is more than just a candle—it’s an invigorating experience. 🌟


🌿 Product Details:

  • Size: 8.5oz (240g) of pure soy wax goodness.
  • Wick: A crackling wood wick that adds a cozy ambiance to any room.
  • Hand-Poured: Each candle is lovingly poured by hand, ensuring quality and uniqueness.


🍋 Fragrance Profile:

  • Top Notes: 🇮🇹 Italian Lemon Citrus 🍋: Zesty and refreshing, like a burst of sunshine on a crisp morning.
  • Middle Notes: 💜 Lilac and 🌸 Honeysuckle: A floral symphony that dances in the air, awakening your senses.
  • Base Notes: 🕊️ White Musk and 🌲 Sandalwood: A grounding blend that lingers, creating a serene atmosphere.


🌟 Energize is more than a candle—it’s a spark of motivation. Light it up when you need that extra push, whether you’re tackling work tasks, hitting the gym, or simply unwinding after a long day. The Italian Lemon Citrus zings through the air, while the delicate lilac and honeysuckle embrace you like a warm hug. As the wood wick crackles, you’ll feel the energy surge—LET’S GOOOOO!!! 🚀


🔥 Elevate your space with the Energize Candle. It’s not just a fragrance; it’s a mood booster. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or celebrating, let this candle be your companion. 🌟✨

Leirux: Energize

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