"Matteo" Grounded Soul Pro Tap Shoe

Soft, full-grain leather upper, full sole with wedge build, flexible insole without a shank. Custom tap attachment and metatarsal strip attachment available. 

begin ½ size smaller than street shoe size 
Men: ½ larger than street shoe size

"Matteo" Grounded Soul Pro Tap Shoe

  • Attachments
    Any customization attachment (taps, meta bar, etc...) will void 100% refunds on returns.

    If the shoe size is incorrect, a total of ONE EXCHANGE can be made. If you have placed a group order, please limit to ONE ROUND of exchanges and send all of them back at the same time to avoid additional shipping costs. Any additional exchanges will be invoiced for shipping and handling.

    If a refund is desired, there will be a 10% restocking fee deducted for any shoes with attachments on them. All purchases are non refundable after 21 days. If a product has even been slightly worn or used, it can not be exchanged or returned. Exchanges must also be made within the first 21 days.