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Rithem Kicks - 2nd Editions


Collaboration: Rithem Dance Co X B Street Shoes X Dancing Fair


  • 3 Designs to Choose
  • Leather Specific Paint - Will not peel or crack
  • Developed and Produced by master tap instructor: Ryan Lohoff

Rithem Kicks - 2nd Editions

  • Once your payment is processed, we will reserve your custom shoes. You should receive and automatic email directing you to our online Sizing Form. At this time, you will need to provide us with a photo of both your RIGHT and LEFT foot in a Brannock style foot measuring device. These devices are commonly found and can be used for FREE at any local shoe store. They can also be purchased online via Amazon or the offical Brannock website.


    Please Note: We can not begin your order until we receive this form and the images. If there are any issues determing your size, we will be in contact for further clarification.


    Our reason for requiring such an accurate measurement is because every shoe is a custom piece of artwork and CAN NOT BE RETURNED!

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