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Tuesdays August 20th, 2019 - May 26th, 2020
A multi-media infused training program for tap dancers.


The RDC Youth Tap Company explores what the future of tap dancing can become. By incorporating film, stage, social media, and a variety of non-traditional musical influences, Rithem tap dancers are taught to explore through tap dance. Doing this, they find what connects with them the most; instilling a more profound passion and respect for the art form.

Creating Artists. Not Competitors.

Non-Competitive Commitment.

Art is an expression, not a competition. Anyone from ANY STUDIO is welcome to dance with us. Outside training is promoted!

Class & Conception Videos.

Dancers will learn and film class combos to increase POSITIVE social media exposure. We will also film extended, ON-LOCATION, conceptual videos to experience what a professional video shoot is like.

Dancers Against Cancer Benefit.

We are a community of dancers that believe in PAYING FORWARD and GIVING BACK. Our company will host and perform at an annual benefit show for Dancers Against Cancer with other guest performers and local artists. 


"So much fun! And such great energy! Great for everyone to watch and makes you want to join them.”



PRICING $260 Monthly
(10 Payments August-May)


  • 80+ hrs Tap Technique & Choreography

  • Multiple Routines

  • House Class & Strength/Conditioning Every Week

  • SDC Werk Intensive (Tap & Hip Hop Classes)

  • RDC Rhythm & Style Intensive


  • 10 x Combo Videos

  • 2 x On Location Conceptual Videos



  • RDC Hosted Dancers Against Cancer Benefit Show

  • Hollywood Vibe Regional Faculty Show

  • Host Studio Annual Showcase



  • NO Competition or Choreography Fees.

  • Filming, Editing, and Location Expenses ALL INCLUDED

  • Theatre Rental INCLUDED

  • NO Costume Fees

  • Video Location Photoshoots INCLUDED

  • Discounts on Merchandise, Sponsored Events, and more.

Host Location

Simi Dance Center

1665 E. Los Angeles Ave

Simi Valley, CA 93065


PH: (805) 527-2147


IG: @SimiDanceCenter_Official


More Information & Contact

For more information or questions, please contact RDC via email and we will reply back to you ASAP! Please allow a couple of days for a response.

Rithem Dance Company

Director: Ryan Lohoff


IG: @RithemDanceCo


Please read through the program requirements BEFORE submitting registration. If you have any further questions, you can contact us via email at

  1. The dancer must be 12yrs - 18yrs old.

  2. The dancer must be at an Intermediate to Advanced level in Tap.

  3. The dancer should be versatile and recommended Intermediate level for either Hip Hop, Jazz, or Contemporary. This is not required, however, RDC tap choreography will require some stylistically technical movement. Versatility will greatly aid in the dancer's performance on stage and video.

  4. The dancer must be able to commit to training/choreography sessions located at Simi Dance Center in Simi Valley, CA.

  5. The dancer must have no Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Nudity, or Indecent Exposure on their social media accounts.

  6. The dancer must be capable of committing financially to program expenses.

  7. Each dancer will be required to sell 10 tickets to the RDC hosted Dancers Against Cancer charity show.

  8. Solo Choreography is available at an additional cost and dancers will be allowed to compete under their HOME studio's title. The dancer may also compete under the host studio's title if they would like. (ex. Simi Dance Center)

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